Craps House Edge

It's not constructive enough especially to discuss about house edge in craps, when it is compared simultaneously with roulette. In roulette, it is seen that almost all the bets that are made has same advantage to a house. However, in craps, the advantage which a house has is based on the kind of bet that is placed. This technique pertains to brick-mortar as well as the online game of craps too. If someone is interested in placing a good bet based upon percentage, then one should consider first pass line and the hundred odds that constitute .02% edge for casino.

Other bets where odds are taken offers wager which is less than 1% house edge and down to pass line with one odd (.85%). When someone is putting come or pass bet, then they will be giving 1.41% to house and at that time, percentages of both don't come and don't pass are almost essentially similar (-1.4%). One can even make field bets, but, however, they are not considered to be the best. In such situations, when 3-to-1 odds on 12 are paid, then the player remains at 2.78% disadvantage and when 2-to-1 is paid, then disadvantage is 5.56% to that specific house.

While exploring place bets, the best method is to place win/lose bet on 6 or even 8. To win on this will offer 1.52% house edge while there is 1.82% disadvantage on this place bet for losing. Placing bet on 4 or 10 for winning is considered as worst type of bet in the said category and it offers 6.67% disadvantage to a player. To place bet on 3 or 11 will give a house edge of 11.11%. While playing this game, one will come across some good news and will come to know which bets are better to make in addition with the ones that need to be avoided.